Comparing the theories using SEARCH criteria

10 Aug

Princess Diana’s death was a well-crafted plot by the SAS, MI6 and the Royal Establishment, to spare the Royal Family the embarrassment of losing their heirs or having a Muslim marry into the family V S Henri Paul’s drunken driving causing the accident.

S – The death of Princess Diana was not an accident, but was a covert operation planned out by the SAS and MI6 under orders from the Royal Establishment, ostensibly to prevent the embarrassment of her leaving the country with her heirs, as well as bringing a Muslim into the family and giving birth to his child.

E – The eyewitness accounts of the cars and motorcycle are very suggestive of a covert operation. The idea of using a laser to blind the driver is a very believable claim, as even pocket laser pointers have been known to cause damage to the eyes. I’m fairly sure the military could come up a way to blind a man with a laser. Eyewitnesses also claim the man who used the laser inspected the crashed vehicle and used a British military signal meaning “Mission Compete.” The speed at which Diana’s body was illegally embalmed also adds credibility to the claim. In France, the law says that a family member must authorize embalming, and the procedure was performed with out any such permission. Mohamed al Fayed, the father of Dodi Fayed who was Diana’s boyfriend at the time, claims this was done to prevent a blood test showing her to be pregnant with his son’s baby. He claims the British Royal Family did not want a Muslim marrying into the family, and definitely didn’t want Diana having a baby with a Muslim man.
A – The most likely alternative explanation is that Diana’s death was caused by Henri Paul being incredibly drunk and driving at high speeds at night.Toxicology reports state that Paul had over three times the legal limit of alcohol in his blood, and ballistics reports show the car to have been moving at approximately 85mph. At this speed, it is very unlikely someone at that level of intoxication would be able to react fast enough to avoid a crash. Every official inquiry into the incident has come to this conclusion, although some also implicate the paparazzi as a secondary factor, attributing them to the high speed driving.
R/C/H – A lot of the case supporting the nefarious plot theory rely on assumption, even layering some assumptions on others, making them rely on 2 assumptions to be true. I feel a lot of the claims supporting the theory play on racist feelings, claiming the Royal Family wouldn’t want a Muslim in their family. While not wholly unbelievable, the multicultural diversity of England makes it very hard to just accept. Conversely, it is not at all hard to believe a man with over three times the legal limit of alcohol driving at high speed got into an accident. It’s a story you hear all too often, and a lack of solid evidence to the contrary makes this scenario very easily believable. Occam’s Razor leads me to believe that the drunk driver theory is the most likely truth.


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