Evidence in Support of the Claim

09 Aug

Here are some points that back up the claim that Diana’s death was a planned murder and not an accident:

  1. Diana’s body was embalmed the same day she died which is unusual
  2. White paint from a Fiat Uno was found on Diana’s car from a collision, but the Fiat was never found
  3. 3 vehicles were claimed to have been following her car into the tunnel: a black saloon car, white Fiat Uno and black super bike. An eyewitness claims to have seen a man get off the bike, look in the car, give a signal, then leave on the bike.
  4. Mohamed Al Fayed claims Diana was pregnant with his son’s baby and the Royal Family didn’t want a non-Christian baby in the family.
  5. It has been suggested that Diana planned to move away from England to California to marry and live with Dodi Fayed
  6. A flash of light was said to be shone from the motorcycle at the driver of Diana’s car, Henri Paul, to blind him temporarily, causing the crash
  7. The paparazzi the Establishment claims caused the crash did not reach the tunnel for almost a minute after the crash
  8. The car Diana was in had a decoy, which most of the paparazzi were at, except for a few, one of who took the last photo of her

As Diana’s car leaves the back of the Ritz, a reporter snaps a final photograph of her. The car races away, Henri Paul behind the wheel, desperate to escape the invasive paparazzi. As it moves onto the highway, 3 sets of lights move closer. As the car nears the tunnel where it will ultimately be destroyed, a black saloon car starts tailgating Diana’s car, forcing Henri to speed up. As the car moves into the tunnel, a White Fiat pulls up beside it, nudging it gently and allowing a black sports bike to pass it. The bike pulls in front of Diana’s car, a passenger on the back holding some kind of device. A bright white flash is emitted by the device, sending a beam of light particles at Henri Paul, blinding him. As Henri loses control, the car slams into a support column, killing Henri, Dodi Fayed, and Dodi’s bodyguard. Diana will succumb to her injuries in mere hours. As the Fiat and saloon speed off into the darkness, the bike stops near the crash. The man on the back gets off the motorcycle, peers inside the crashed sedan, gives a signal to the driver of the bike, remounts and they follow their comrades into the darkness. After the escape, the man on the bike calls his MI6 superior to inform him the Royal Family and Establishment no longer have to fear a non-christian member of the Royal Family, or the Heirs to the throne being taken to America.


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